Thursday, April 19, 2012

Weather, Weather, Quite Contrary

Going from a hot and muggy 87 degrees on Monday to cool and rainy through the end of the week is a welcome change for this westerner.  I'm not ready for summer weather yet.  I'm still enjoying spring at Welkinweir.  Here are some images of what has been blooming over the past week.

Along the exit drive, Malus 'Prairiefire' covered in vivid pink blooms.

Phlox adds calming splashes of bluish-purple along the steps to the Hillside Garden.

Breathe deeply as you pass the lilacs or Korean spice viburnum.  

The 'Carol Mackie' daphne near the estate house also has a pleasant aroma.

There is still plenty of yellow to be seen throughout the garden.
L: Yellow trillium on Azalea Lane.  R: Uvularia grandiflora, marybells, at the entrance to the Welkinweir estate house drive.

L: Globe-flower, R: Mahonia repens, creeping mahonia, along steps up through the Hillside Garden.

Near the Pinetum are several magnolia cultivars with great yellow blooms.  Top to bottom are 'Butterfly', 'Golden Gift', and 'Yellow Bird'.

Some plants, like Scilla hispanica, Spanish bluebells, come in a few different shades.  My favorite is the pale pink.

Epimedium is present in white and purple.

Then there are those plants, that for whatever reason, are content to just be white.

L: Sanguinaria canadensis 'Multiplex', double bloodroot, at top of steps to Barn Ruins.  R: Tiarella, foamflower, along the steps down to the Barn Ruins.  

L: sweet woodruff, Galium odoratum (Notice the "odor"? This one smells good too!) planted along the Barn Ruins steps. R: Prunus laurocerasus, cherry laurel in the Barn Ruins.

Fothergilla  major near the west estate lawn.

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