Friday, September 28, 2012

Fog, Blooms, and 'Shrooms

As usual, my camera has a few random pictures on it from the week.  Enjoy.

The fog lifting off the pond on a cool morning at Welkinweir is really quite beautiful, especially when the sun peeks over the ridge to lighten the scene.

On this particular morning, the pond reflected a really deep blue through the mist.  It was like looking at a watercolor painting, instead of an actual scene.

Another kind of toad lily is blooming in front of the estate house.  This kind has the flowers beautifully displayed in a line on the top side of the arching stems.  It is a great choice for shade, and should be planted where the flowers can easily be viewed and appreciated.

Another interesting plant, Kirengeshoma palmata, also known as yellow wax-bells, is blooming in the Barn Ruins.  It does well in part shade.

And finally, the 'shrooms.  A circle of these interesting yellow beauties popped up over the last week.  I don't know enough about mushrooms to tell you anything else about them, but they are fun to photograph.

Come visit Welkinweir! The dogwoods are starting to turn, and the Children's Garden and Barn Ruins still have many blooms.

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