Monday, November 5, 2012


It's starting to look a little less like fall and a little more dormant on the grounds, now that Hurricane Sandy has come and gone, taking most of the colorful leaves with her.  (But thankfully, only one of our very old and decrepit trees).  I'm starting to feel a little dormant myself, especially after last week hiding inside while the hurricane moved through the area.  The gardener in me dreads the winter-like chill in the air and the overcast days.  I did have a few bright, cheery photos on the camera from a few weeks ago.  They make good sun substitutes on a day like this.

global warming mums

spotted leopard plant

It will be more challenging to come up with blog posts for the rest of the month, as nature slowly subdues most of my subject material.  But dormancy is an important process for a plant.  It helps the plant conserve energy in the roots during the cold months so that when spring arrives, it can begin to grow again in earnest.  If the plants did not go dormant, they would not survive cold and dry conditions because the leaves would continue to take moisture and nutrients from the plant even though the roots are unable to replenish what is lost through the leaves. So to survive, deciduous plants drop those needy leaves, and evergreen plants slow down.  Their needles have a thick enough covering so less moisture escapes through them.  

If you're feeling a little dormant yourself, come visit Welkinweir.  There are still many birds and other things to see, even if the plants are getting sleepy.

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