Friday, July 20, 2012

Hosta La Vista

They are just a mass of huge leaves, maybe colorful, bold textured, just sitting there.

Until the light hits them...

And the flowers appear...

And the raindrops fall and coat it all.

Hostas brighten a cloudy, rainy day.  
(Unlike the skunk I encountered early this morning.)

Hostas are not part of our accessioned plants at Welkinweir so we do not keep records about what types we have.  However, Longwood has an extensive list complete with photos for many of the cultivars on their plant explorer website: Longwood Hostas.  Also, one of the largest and well-labeled collections of hostas I have personally experienced is located at the University of Idaho Arboretum & Botanical Garden.  Although many of my readers are far from there, a list (no pictures unfortunately) of over 200 cultivars planted in the arboretum can be found on the website: University of Idaho Hosta Collection.  

Take advantage of the cooler weather to visit Welkinweir!

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